About Us

Mission Statement

Rare Disease 360™ | www.rd-360.com | @raredisease360 is an all-encompassing digital resource hub, learning platform, and social community. Our goal is to provide relevant content information on rare disease topics so as to help healthcare providers, patients, and patient advocates improve patient care, patient outcomes, and ultimately improve the lives of all individuals around the globe suffering from Rare Diseases.


Editorial Approach

Through breaking news, in-depth features, conference coverage, content curation, and more, Rare Disease 360™ strives to deliver content (in all forms!) that transcends traditional coverage of rare diseases usually viewed as a footnote or afterthought by making it the entirety of our focus. With the most important news amassed conveniently in one location, Rare Disease 360™ is a valuable resource.


About Our Brands

Rare Disease 360™ is part of the International Healthcare Media (IHM) Family of Media Brands. IHM is a global communications media company that engages healthcare professionals, patients and patient advocates through live events, print brands, websites, videos/podcasts, and proprietary digital media assets. IHM helps clinicians deliver quality care, improve patient outcomes and satisfaction, and optimize quality along the continuum of care through brands that target specific clinicians, diseases, and conditions. Using its international reach and access to key thought leaders around the globe, IHM delivers an audience of engaged healthcare professionals by providing clinicians with succinct practical recommendations. Its brands include Ophthalmology 360® | ophthalmology360.com, the year-round, multi-content-award-winning platform relied upon by eyecare providers and other specialists; The Ophthalmic Blog™, which has scored a multitude of key interviews with leading industry experts and is produced & published by industry Rockstar Mark Dlugoss; and Rare Disease 360™ | rd-360.com, the go-to resource and platform for rare disease content.