1. Jan 19, 2021

Personalized treatments needed for high risk lupus nephritis populations

Personalized treatments are needed for high-risk lupus nephritis (LN) populations, including African Americans who experience different LN in terms of ISN class, serologies, first biopsy, and worse in terms of response status, according to data presented at ACR Convergence 2020.

The clinical findings from 118 African American patients with LN in the Accelerating Medicines Partnership (AMP) cohort, which uses multi-omics modalities to develop personalized treatment strategies, were analyzed. Baseline data and data at 12, 26, and 52 weeks after renal biopsy were included.

Researchers found that African Americans were more likely to have class V LN,

less serologically active, and more likely to have elevated serum creatinine. These patients were significantly less likely to have a treatment response at the first biopsy. Independent of histological features, African Americans were less likely to respond to treatment at their first episode of LN.

Lupus Nephritis and Renal Outcomes in African Americans: The Accelerating Medicines Partnership Cohort Experience. Poster presented at: ACR Convergence 2020. Abstract #0250