1. Oct 05, 2020

Intensive combined therapy may help achieve long-term survival in STS subtype

Long-term survival is achievable in a significant proportion of patients with localized synovial sarcoma (SaSy) treated with intensive combined therapy, according to a study.

In this study, 171 patients with stage II/III SaSy were treated with chemotherapy consisting of 4 cycles of ifosfamide 12 g/m2 and 2 cycles of a doxorubicin-based regimen 75 mg/m2. Neoadjuvant radiotherapy was administered on all patients who did not undergo amputation.

In 70% of patients included in this study, tumor size was >5 cm. The 5-year overall survival (OS) was 75%, the local relapse-free survival rate was 80%, and metastasis-free survival rate was 60%.

Patients older than 35 years of age, male, with a large tumor, and a histology other than monophasic were more likely to have worse OS.


Kozak K, Teterycz P, Świtaj T, Koseła-Paterczyk H, Falkowski S, Morysiński T, Bartnik E, Czarnecka AM, Wągrodzki M, Ługowska I, Rutkowski P. The long-Term outcomes of intensive combined therapy of adult patients with localised synovial sarcoma. J Clin Med. 2020;9(10):E3129. doi: 10.3390/jcm9103129. PMID: 32998194.