1. Jan 13, 2021

CD4+ T cell infiltration levels may predict prognosis in patients with sarcoma

High levels of CD4+ T cell infiltration may predict better survival in patients with sarcomas, according to a study.

Researchers utilized whole-exome sequencing, transcriptome sequencing, and survival data of patients with sarcoma from The Cancer Genome Atlas. The Tumor Immune Estimation Resource was used to calculate immune infiltration scores.

CD4+ T cell infiltration was associated with overall survival in patients with pan-sarcomas, with higher levels associated with better survival.

Somatic copy number alterations correlated with CD4+ T cell infiltration levels.

Bi Q, Liu Y, Yuan T, et al. Predicted CD4+ T cell infiltration levels could indicate better overall survival in sarcoma patients. J Int Med Res. 2021;49(1):300060520981539. DOI: 10.1177/0300060520981539. PMID: 33430667.